30 weeks.

An accurate depiction of life at this moment: unmade bed in the background, a heap of clothes (possibly dirty) on the dresser, under-eye circles, dog hair almost certainly covering my pants, paperwork for maternity leave and preschool and new car shopping on every surface.

But when friends ask for bump photos, I will happily oblige, background mess and all. We are 30 weeks along now, and there is much to celebrate: the forced rest, the near-constant stirring in my belly, the checked off appointments reporting a clean bill of health for me and baby. These are the days we longed for not so many months ago.

And what I'm most excited for, these days? Seeing our girl with her dad. Secretly and one day, I had always hoped he'd have a daughter - she is fortunate beyond measure to be his.

Also, 31 weeks with Hugo!

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