A sprinkle.

Just a few photos from a small sprinkle that my sister threw (with my mother, mother-in-law and oldest friend) this weekend. It was Jane Austen-themed, considering our girl's namesake, with the sweetest attention to detail. 

I've said it before, but we have a really good tribe surrounding us right now - people who have taken care of Hugo, sent letters and meaningful gifts, brought food and offered a listening ear from miles and miles away. This is love in action, and we're so thankful. 


She’s here!

Maisie Austen Walker surprised us a little more than 4 weeks early on Sunday, April 22nd. 
6 lbs., 5 oz. and 19.5 inches long. 
Everyone doing well!


36 weeks.

Basically on house arrest, per doctor's orders, for another week while we let this little one cook a little longer. Not long now (nearly full term!), and we're so, so ready. 


From the weekend.

From 48 hours of warmth this past weekend, which we filled with landscaping projects and a patio dinner and prep for our baby girl. We've settled into the waiting game, it seems, and the uncertainty has been a challenge for me (for all mothers, I'd guess). I am not, by nature, a terribly anxious person, but I have become an anxious nester. I worry about a fast delivery, a too-early departure from work, unfinished house projects and - always - her ability to breathe apart from me.

But we are weeks or days away. And this - the cramping and fatigue and nausea - even this I will miss when it becomes memory.


House Update #4.

Is this the most riveting set of photos you've ever seen? It is, isn't it? 

Just a small update on landscaping/prework for our basement finishing process, which we've decided to start one month before we bring home a newborn. We're so full of good ideas! 

Once we have this retaining wall in place, we'll be ready to cut through the foundation, building out a door and window to what will eventually be my office. More immediately, we'll be doing some landscaping in the front yard. Is it Christmas morning? How old am I if it feels like it is?

More house updates here.


Hugo, almost 3.

Likes: Cars of all kinds, puzzles, dancing, Doc McStuffins, M&Ms, pineapple. 

Dislikes: Going to bed (usually), sticky hands, spiders in the house, spicy food. 

Feeling the baby kick my belly: "Fink sumpings hurting you. Fink the doctor needs to help you with your tummy." 
Praying: "Dear God, please watch Paw Patrol." 
Dancing at a christening: "Dis a good party, mom." 
Interpreting literature (Jonah story): "Oh no! The whale ate God!" 
Being denied a walk outside at 8:30pm: "Oh man! I'm gonna cry."
Almost every night, as we put him to bed: "Can we snuggle a few minutes?" 


Suburban acclimation.


We bought ourselves a nifty new van over the weekend, and have never been cooler.


Easter 2018.

We celebrated: our Savior (this, the most important observance of our faith), my grandmother (turning 80!), and the changing of the seasons. Colored eggs and pulled out our Sunday best and hid treasures in the yard. An Easter that will stand out to us in its joy and expectation.