Hugo, almost 3.

Likes: Cars of all kinds, puzzles, dancing, Doc McStuffins, M&Ms, pineapple. 

Dislikes: Going to bed (usually), sticky hands, spiders in the house, spicy food. 

Feeling the baby kick my belly: "Fink sumpings hurting you. Fink the doctor needs to help you with your tummy." 
Praying: "Dear God, please watch Paw Patrol." 
Dancing at a christening: "Dis a good party, mom." 
Interpreting literature (Jonah story): "Oh no! The whale ate God!" 
Being denied a walk outside at 8:30pm: "Oh man! I'm gonna cry."
Almost every night, as we put him to bed: "Can we snuggle a few minutes?" 

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