By way of a photo dump...
 ^^Hugo and Maisie, the day we brought her home from the hospital.^^
 ^^bonding with Gus, who - no surprise - has been a champ in the transition.^^
 ^^the dreamiest mornings.^^
 ^^and more sibling snuggles.^^
 ^^lots of walks around town to enjoy the blooms.^^
 ^^a stop at the book sale for namesake reads.^^
 ^^and more of these two.^^
 ^^bedtime routine.^^
 ^^and breakfast routine, when the weather allows (check out Hugo's shorts).^^
 ^^outings for our three-year-old - to the car show, the beach, the bounce place, the library.^^
 ^^and this delicious bundle.^^
 ^^baths for two.^^
 ^^early morning hours with our girl.^^
 ^^more blooms, stopping us in our tracks.^^
 ^^and frequent requests to "hold baby Maisie".^^
 ^^this deliciousness, AGAIN. can't stop.^^
 ^^a Mother's Day breakfast from the boys.^^
 ^^another ring, to make it official.^^
 ^^foggy mornings.^^
 ^^afternoons with cousins.^^
 ^^and a family superhero party for our boy.^^
 ^^wanders around Yale after church.^^
 ^^never-ending landscaping projects.^^
^^more friends, traveling long distances to meet our babe.^^
 ^^and so many sweet gifts sent by mail from friends, family, colleagues and clients - ice cream, deep dish pizza from Chicago, GoGo squeeZ by the handful for Hugo and tiny clothes for Maisie. and our nearby friends have been so kind in bringing us dinners each week. again, we are so, so thankful.^^

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