Went camping for a day this past weekend - our family with my parents, siblings and their families. We returned with bug bites, a thin layer of dirt on all of our clothes and the lingering scent of campfire in our hair. I catch a whiff of it every now and then, three days later: the smell of summer.


Reunion weekend.

We spent last weekend with Blake's college roommates - our annual reunion weekend. We stayed closer to our home this time around, but rented a house large enough to accommodate all of us for a couple of nights. A beach trip, card games, baths in a claw foot tub, runs down by the waterfront and conversations around a table for ten. Nothing fancy. Goodness in simplest form.

Reunion weekends from 2017, from 2016 and from 2015.


29 years.

What I'll remember best from the last year: 
*building a home. 
*adventuring - to Paris, to Normandy, Michigan, Charleston, Chicago, Orlando, Cape Cod.
*our boy, speaking in full sentences. 
*one of the best seasons of our marriage.
*a full moon belly, the birth of our baby girl. 
*the runs that have been balm to a restless soul, that were in support of education for young women.
*hard work, career milestones we're both proud of.
*a quiet finale of early mornings, toddler snuggles, walks to town in the heat of the day, baby smiles.


8 years.

8 years ago yesterday, we exchanged vows - words that I couldn't understand the full weight of then, some that I don't know the full weight of today. But I'm so thankful for this life that we're building and this man that I married. There's no one I'd rather take on the adventure with.


A 30th birthday.

We headed north to Massachusetts over the weekend to celebrate the 30th birthday of one of our dear friends. At one time, we lived just a few houses down from Brian - he and Heather helped us move, we danced together at our weddings, and we've seen each other through countless milestones (and embarrassing Halloween costumes) over the last decade. Salt of the earth kind of people, those Bishops. We only wish they were still just a short walk away.


Saturday in the city.

We drove into the city for chilaquiles, to see friends, to escape for a day. She welcomed us with humidity and late spring blooms. It was Maisie's first commute into NYC outside of the womb, and as always, it felt like a homecoming.