Lately, part 2.

 ^^Hugo conquered the high beam in gymnastics class. His little pointer up (his version of a thumbs up) to me afterward nearly broke my heart.^^
 ^^I won't even tell you how much money we spent watering our lawn...^^
 ^^Gus did more of this.^^
 ^^and Hugo found the pianos all over town.^^
 ^^we pulled Hugo from his bed to watch the town fireworks from our front yard.^^ 
 ^^took the kids out to brunch (frequently).^^
 ^^and Hugo learned how to use the phone camera.^^
 ^^I made a habit of joining girlfriends for gatherings by the water at least once or twice a month.^^
 ^^and spent lots of time with the cutest watermelon I know.^^
 ^^Hugo got good and dirty.^^
 ^^Maisie got cuter by the day.^^
 ^^and Blake and Hugo hunted for buried treasure in the yard.^^
 ^^we spent dreamy evenings by the beach.^^
 ^^see? very, very dreamy.^^
 ^^watched their bond grow.^^
^^and said goodbye to our favorite summer yet.^^


Lately, part 1.

From the last of summer and maternity leave:
 ^^we headed to the town green for concerts on Sunday nights in August.^^
 ^^and made a habit of visiting the dinosaurs.^^
 ^^Hugo took a science class, where he introduced himself as "Hugo Skywalker".^^
 ^^Maisie met some of our oldest friends.^^
 ^^and brothers.^^
 ^^we had lots of popsicle baths.^^
 ^^had lots of lightsaber fights.^^
 ^^and Hugo joined his cousins for "Gigi and Pop Camp" one week.^^
 ^^we celebrated Blake's birthday over brunch and beach.^^
 ^^and Hugo turned into an actual adult man.^^
 ^^Maisie learned how to yell and sing and use her neck muscles.^^
 ^^Gus tolerated us.^^
^^and I fell more in love with these two, day after day.^^


Taylor and Becca get married.

A few photos from my phone, from the day we (officially) gained another sister. From the moments before they said "I do". From a little boy in suspenders, carrying rings down the aisle. From the most beautiful night under the stars - one we'd all live again and again.


Last of the season.

We took to the beach on Saturday morning - to watch the snails wriggle in tide pools, to chase a little boy up the beach and down again, to put feet in the sand and feel very much alive.

Things are quiet around here as I get back in the swing of things at work, but we are well. Tired and overwhelmed and torn in twenty directions at once, but we are well.


Back at it.

I returned to work yesterday, which was harder than I expected in some ways, easier in others. The commute was always hard, but more so when you're missing babies. BUT. But. It's good to use my brain in this way again. And New York, I've missed you so.


Hugo at preschool.

Hugo's first official day of school was this Tuesday, and he handled it like a champ. A little nervous at first, but hey, this place has TWO playgrounds with construction trucks to play with. That's the dream.

I also handled it like a champ until I got pictures of his first day from his teacher. He looked so grown up and independent, sitting there in his music class, and my heart nearly burst. I'm so proud of this kid.


Celebrating mom.

On Saturday, we celebrated the most selfless woman I know. My mother is often so busy helping and celebrating other people that it's difficult to find time in her calendar to celebrate her own life. She is kindness, goodness, patience embodied, and we love her so.