Lately, part 1.

From the last of summer and maternity leave:
 ^^we headed to the town green for concerts on Sunday nights in August.^^
 ^^and made a habit of visiting the dinosaurs.^^
 ^^Hugo took a science class, where he introduced himself as "Hugo Skywalker".^^
 ^^Maisie met some of our oldest friends.^^
 ^^and brothers.^^
 ^^we had lots of popsicle baths.^^
 ^^had lots of lightsaber fights.^^
 ^^and Hugo joined his cousins for "Gigi and Pop Camp" one week.^^
 ^^we celebrated Blake's birthday over brunch and beach.^^
 ^^and Hugo turned into an actual adult man.^^
 ^^Maisie learned how to yell and sing and use her neck muscles.^^
 ^^Gus tolerated us.^^
^^and I fell more in love with these two, day after day.^^

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