Lately, part 2.

 ^^Hugo conquered the high beam in gymnastics class. His little pointer up (his version of a thumbs up) to me afterward nearly broke my heart.^^
 ^^I won't even tell you how much money we spent watering our lawn...^^
 ^^Gus did more of this.^^
 ^^and Hugo found the pianos all over town.^^
 ^^we pulled Hugo from his bed to watch the town fireworks from our front yard.^^ 
 ^^took the kids out to brunch (frequently).^^
 ^^and Hugo learned how to use the phone camera.^^
 ^^I made a habit of joining girlfriends for gatherings by the water at least once or twice a month.^^
 ^^and spent lots of time with the cutest watermelon I know.^^
 ^^Hugo got good and dirty.^^
 ^^Maisie got cuter by the day.^^
 ^^and Blake and Hugo hunted for buried treasure in the yard.^^
 ^^we spent dreamy evenings by the beach.^^
 ^^see? very, very dreamy.^^
 ^^watched their bond grow.^^
^^and said goodbye to our favorite summer yet.^^

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