FNCE: Washington, DC.

I took the train down to DC on Friday afternoon and spent five days presenting, discussing, going for runs in the wee hours and dining at some of the best (Old Ebbitt Grill, Iron Gate, Barcelona, Farmers & Distillers) by night.

We all need our time away, it's true - and Blake and I have been getting our fair share of it now that I'm back at work. But the homecoming (the homecoming!). Their faces seem that much sweeter and older when I return. 


From our weekend.

from stocking our closets with warmer clothes, filling our fridge with groceries. from family photos. small group, and holding a brand new baby boy. from Mexican food. a run in the rain. egg sandwiches. visiting with family. "get well" cards. from nothing in particular, but we were together.


Apple picking.

Just a trio of cousins strangle-hugging each other. Per usual. 



Blake returned from a business trip early on Saturday morning, and we took off to the country for some quiet. We wandered Gillette Castle State Park, catching it just before the turning of the leaves. And after a long week, it was just what we had hoped for.


In the swing.

We're at the start of another October (arguably the best month of the year), and I've been immersed in a busy season at work, waking long before the sun. Working with two small kids is a new ballgame, and I can't say I've done it altogether gracefully, but we are getting in the swing - slowly but surely.


From our weekend.

from fall weather and a walk to town for egg sandwiches and the book sale. from more namesake finds for our girl: a library in the making. from a first birthday party for our niece - her first taste of sugar. from trains on Sunday morning before church, and a little boy dressed in suspenders. from a trip to the fair for monster trucks and popcorn and every car ride they have.