From the last week.

 ^^I ran a 5K first thing on Sunday morning to support the local Rotary Club's activities and She's the First. I ended up placing second among women in their 20s (!!), which is probably due to (a) a slower group of runners overall and (b) the fact that I couldn't feel any of my limbs in the cold. But STILL.^^
 ^^Hugo and I made sugar cookies - he was in charge of the sprinkles, naturally.^^
 ^^We had small group with some friends, who have this spectacular view from their home.^^
 ^^And found ways to entertain three-year-olds (Cars 3, always).^^
^^Maisie and I matched, inadvertently.^^
^^We made some bedroom updates.^^
 ^^I had a work dinner in the city at Cafe Boulud, which was (no surprise) delicious.^^
^^Then missed my train by 2 minutes afterward, leaving me with 40 minutes to kill at Grand Central. But look! Christmas decor!^^
^^And our boy is not such a big kid after all (thank goodness).^^

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