Rooftop, August.

From a late night at the office. Less frequent than they were in the spring. Views of all lower Manhattan and a humid breeze. Among the water towers and windows reflecting sunset: this is where I breathe deepest.


Blake turns 32.

Blake turned 32 yesterday. We celebrated over Turkish food in New Haven, long talks about who we were as children and who we are today, a scenic route down the shoreline. Just the two of us.


Stowe, Part 2.

 ^^Hugo continued to wear his goggles everywhere.^^
^^we hiked down to a waterfall.^^
 ^^and spent a few hours at Shelburne Farms, which was so, so lovely.^^
 ^^straight out of Pride & Prejudice, really.^^
 ^^Hugo and Maisie played with the chickens during lunch.^^
 ^^we walked the grounds.^^
 ^^and fed the sheep and goats.^^
 ^^petted them, too.^^
^^and had lots of quality time together.^^


Stowe, Part 1.

A family vacation to Stowe in two parts, because I took way too many photos of this magical place: 
^^we stayed at the Spruce Peak Lodge (formerly Stowe Mountain Lodge).^^
^^had dinner at the lodge on the first night. Blake and the kids picked me up from the airport (after 1 hour of sleep on a red eye from California) and we drove 4 hours from there, so we were all tired.^^
 ^^swam in the pool, which the kids loved.^^
 ^^bathed our water-loving girl in a massive tub.^^
^^took naps by the fire.^^
 ^^made a stop to see how the ice cream is made, as one does.^^
 ^^found some goggles for Hugo, which he fell in love with.^^
 ^^enjoyed some gorgeous runs and hikes.^^
 ^^rented bikes!^^
 ^^and both kids liked it this time!^^
^^and dipped our feet in all of the streams.^^



From a quick work trip to Hollywood: A stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt, sushi and French cocktails, a visit with old friends, hours spent around a conference table. All lovely, in their own way.


New York: first weekend of August.

On Friday, Hugo and I took the train into the city. I had a race for the Children's Rescue Mission the next day (9 years ago!), and we made a date out of it. It's so rare that I have half a day with just Hugo, and I can't quite put into words how wonderful it was. I showed him my old running spots, where we used to bring Gus to the dog park, the street we lived on when he was just a flutter in my belly. We stopped for donuts at Chelsea Market after the race and waited on Blake and Maisie to arrive. 

When I tucked him into bed on Saturday night, Hugo told me that his favorite part of the day was running with me. A small thing, really, and four-year-olds are quick to forget. Their mamas are not, however. As long as I live, I will remember this as one of our very best days: his sweaty palms, the way he curled his head into my neck as he fell asleep to the noise of city traffic, his whole body leaning forward into the breeze along the Hudson. 


Summer concerts.

From Sunday nights in the summer on the Green. Stops at the ice cream truck. Coldplay. CCR. The Temptations. Babies crawling away to make new friends. The last light peeking through the trees.


A farewell.

We said goodbye to some friends this weekend - they're embracing a new job and a new life in North Carolina, and we'll miss having them close for dinner parties and peach picking and trips to the beach. The Taylors brought us food when Maisie was first born and welcomed us into their home like family.

Zach was Hugo's very first close friend beyond his cousins, and his lip trembled a bit when they high fived each other goodbye yesterday. Add this to the list of conversations I dislike having: explaining the way of things.


From the middle of summer.

100+ degrees and birthdays every weekend. pirate towels and thunderstorms and mornings with cousins at the pool. late night walks. turning all the lamps off for a better glimpse of the lightning bugs.


From a weekend.

From a muggy weekend: family gatherings and birthday parties and mornings at the pool. Church and the dinosaur museum afterward. An evening trip to the grocery store. Runs at dawn, before the air grew thick. Weeding in the garden. New books to get lost in and snuggles on the couch.


Celebrating 30 in Denver.

Last week, I flew to Denver to spend a long weekend with my oldest and dearest childhood friends and celebrate our 30th birthdays (all this year!). A few photos, if you'd like to see: 
 ^^we spent a night out in Denver on Rachel's actual birthday.^^
 ^^stopped at Red Rocks, just for the view.^^
 ^^with these people that I love.^^
 ^^visited Breckenridge, where we rode the gondola up.^^
^^and came back down on the alpine slide.^^
^^which was the greatest.^^
^^laughed at lots of things I don't remember now.^^
 ^^traveled Independence Pass to get to Aspen.^^
 ^^saw rainbows! two of them!^^
 ^^and other insanely beautiful things.^^
^^so many beautiful things.^^
 ^^ran a half marathon!^^
^^in gorgeous Aspen.^^
 ^^went for a hike.^^
 ^^ate and wandered this ski town.^^
 ^^got lost in the mountains.^^
 ^^and drove back to Denver.^^
^^on a trip we'll never forget.^^