Turning 30.

Dear husband,

I turned 30 last week, and you whisked me off. We ate Italian food in Gramercy and wandered. We headed north to the theater, saw Hamilton, cried (the way parenthood makes things sharper sometimes). I confessed the plans I have for this year, for the decade. You listened. We held hands.

I've known you half my life now. It is not lost on me that my parents could have chosen another town, another state. You could have hesitated in writing to me, fifteen years ago. I could have gone to another school. Our grandparents could have never met.

Instead, we pass our days together - you, the champion of dreams, believer in everything I put my mind to. You, the best at lullabies and the one who brings a cup of cold water for my nightstand. You, all reason and grit, maker of egg sandwiches and optimizer of experience.

I like getting older with you.

your wife

New Orleans.

From a work trip to sweltering New Orleans: air so thick, your clothes will stick to you in minutes. Heaping plates of seafood and grits and bananas foster. Plants dripping from every balcony and doorway. Parades through the streets at any time of day. Celebrating something, everything.


Martha's Vineyard.

 From the best long weekend away as a family:
^^the "car boat", which Hugo adored.^^
 ^^and we found a dog-friendly hotel, which Gus adored.^^
 ^^Maisie ate some sand.^^
 ^^we fell in love with some adorable homes.^^
 ^^ate lots of waffles and pancakes and French toast.^^
 ^^climbed a lighthouse. realized Hugo is not a fan of heights.^^
 ^^took Gus to the beach. watched him drink and throw up ocean water.^^ 
 ^^got a family selfie (4.75 of us).^^
 ^^and had a very relaxing time, overall (kind of, sort of).^^
 ^^saw the Gay Head Cliffs, which were beautiful.^^
 ^^got a better photo. worried that the kids would hop the fence.^^
 ^^and carried babies down to a beach beneath the cliffs.^^
 ^^snuggled our Maisie extra.^^
 ^^spent lots of time with cousins.^^
 ^^lots of time.^^
 ^^went to Pleasantville, I think?^^
 ^^took the kids to see the boats early in the morning.^^
 ^^got Hugo a beloved souvenir.^^
 ^^my dad drove the kids on the beach in his Land Rover.^^
 ^^and Hugo slept much of the way home.^^


Battery Park, June.

From June on the water, down by Battery Park. A walk up along the Hudson, glittering under peach sunset. Team meetings over pub food and rose.


Providence: 10 year reunion.

From Providence, for Blake's 10 year college reunion. We made the last-minute decision to have the whole family go, and stayed at the Graduate hotel downtown - all historic elegance and charm. Blake was out late with his friends (getting the band back together) on Saturday and we spent Sunday walking for donuts, exploring the hotel and wandering the zoo. 10 years from graduation, and what a ride it's been.


San Francisco.

From a couple of days in San Francisco for sweet and sour soup and research prototype testing. A late flight back, engrossed in a book.

Memorial Day.

From Memorial Day. A walk to the parade, a tiny girl on her dad's shoulders. An afternoon for naps and books. Barbecues by day and night, with watermelon piled high. Lucky to call this place home, and to know men and women who have sacrificed much in its name.


Japan, Part 2.

 ^^from our gorgeous hotel in Hakone.^^
 ^^a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.^^
^^and a tour of the grounds at the tea museum in Shizuoka.^^ 
 ^^a tour of a bonito plant.^^
 ^^our hotel in Yaizu, with the most gorgeous view of Sugura Bay.^^
^^our charter bus for the week (utilizing every spare minute for presentation and discussion).^^
 ^^hotel room in Hakone, which may be the nicest room I ever stay in (that tub!).^^
 ^^raw fish. every meal.^^
 ^^our group on the last day.^^
^^and the trip back, during which I slept for almost 14 hours.^^