From San Francisco.

I had a quick work trip to San Francisco this week: just 48 hours of meetings, mostly. I'm working with a team on some sensory research this year, and this was the start to it. An opportunity I'm glad to have.

And I told Blake over the phone in the evening that it's been one of those rare life moments that forces you to take a look at where we've been and where we'd hoped to go. We've made sacrifices for both of our careers over the last decade, worked more than we said we would, and relied on others more than we thought we'd have to. But here we are! And my goodness, my ten-year-old self would be proud. 


-12 Degrees.

On Monday, it was -12 degrees with a windchill, which meant that we stayed inside. Read books. Took baths. Cleaned closets. Baked a pile of chocolate chip cookies and made plans for a basement renovation. I was off for the holiday, and glad for it. An excuse to slow down with bundled babies.


From work.

From three days in the city for work. From dinner at The Greek. Morning runs before the first light. Stops at Chobani Cafe for breakfast. Long days of meetings, FaceTime by night.


These kids, lately.

Crawling, almost. Adores her dad. Intolerant of diaper changes. Loves hearing our Alexa speak. Finds her brother absolutely hilarious.

"Reads" big boy books. Is a big fan of the Bounce Place. Gives hugs, lots of them. Will keep his pull-up dry at night for a piece of chocolate.


New Year's Eve.

From New Year's Eve: holding our babies, playing our nerdy games, eating our mountains of nachos. The only way I want to ring in the New Year.


The New One.

We had a date in the city last Saturday. A brunch at El Centro (which I think we've been to more times than any other restaurant at this point), a walk around our old neighborhood and by our old apartment building (spotted: the very same landlord taking out the garbage), a show at Cort Theatre (Mike Birbiglia, The New One).

So much change packed into four little years; makes us wonder at the four that come next.