The museum.

Years from now, we will say:
"Remember that day at the museum? We told Hugo that someone had painted those beautiful things with their paint and brushes. He pointed to the docent and said, 'Wow. Was it him?'"

We'll say:
"Do you remember how Maisie fell asleep on your chest, still small enough to rest comfortably there? Remember her little gnome hat and tiny fingers and the way she was into everything at that age?"

We'll say:
"Do you remember how we used to ask Hugo at bedtime what his favorite part of the day was? And often he'd claim it was 'seeing the monster trucks', even though that was months ago? But this one day, he said it was going to the museum. 'With you and Daddy and Maisie.'"


From a week.

Of highs and lows, but mostly highs:
*a date: cacio e pepe and wine.
*a day with the kids: smoothies and cardboard box jungle gyms.
*an evening with an old friend in the city: manicures and Italian.
*early mornings to myself: the gym, work calls, a good book.

We are so tired these days, in all of the ways that mark a full and fortunate life.


Fourth annual.

In reality, it was chaos, but the best kind: food in every direction, both kids losing their cool at least once. We are in the thick of it, and I can't say I mind.

From 2018, 2017 and 2016.


Basement renovation.

This month, we started a basement renovation to give us more space as the kids get older. A before, if you'd like to see: 
 ^^will be a playroom / workout space.^^
 ^^will be my office / mudroom with a door and window that opens out toward our driveway.^^
^^will be a bathroom.^^


7 years.

This week marked my 7th anniversary with the company I work for, which, in the agency world, is a lifetime. I'll say it here and I mean it - if there's a job that consistently challenges you and rewards you and allows you to be surrounded with brilliant, passionate people, why the heck would you take that for granted? Gratitude, I'm learning, is the answer to many things.


From Disney.

 ^^we stayed in cabins at the campground, and the kids agreed that the golf carts were one of their favorite rides.^^
 ^^swam in the pool (Hugo grinned the entire time).^^
 ^^and the little boys were very brave - they went on Thunder Mountain, Dinosaur, Test Track and Star Tours.^^
^^we spent lots of time outside (80 degrees > -10 degrees).^^
 ^^took the baby girls to a dinner with Snow White one evening.^^
 ^^rode bikes (which Maisie hated - screamed the whole time).^^
 ^^and ate too much junk food.^^
 ^^Maisie enjoyed lots of snuggle time and several 20 minute pouch naps.^^
 ^^and the kids were thrilled to spend the week with Gigi and Pop (this trip was their treat, bless them).^^
 ^^Hugo got a Captain America bubble blaster souvenir on the last day.^^
^^Maisie delighted in pulling her brother's hair.^^
^^and we were all sad to leave this place.^^



We're here for the week - a much-needed escape for our family (and 80 degrees, no less!).