From Disney.

 ^^we stayed in cabins at the campground, and the kids agreed that the golf carts were one of their favorite rides.^^
 ^^swam in the pool (Hugo grinned the entire time).^^
 ^^and the little boys were very brave - they went on Thunder Mountain, Dinosaur, Test Track and Star Tours.^^
^^we spent lots of time outside (80 degrees > -10 degrees).^^
 ^^took the baby girls to a dinner with Snow White one evening.^^
 ^^rode bikes (which Maisie hated - screamed the whole time).^^
 ^^and ate too much junk food.^^
 ^^Maisie enjoyed lots of snuggle time and several 20 minute pouch naps.^^
 ^^and the kids were thrilled to spend the week with Gigi and Pop (this trip was their treat, bless them).^^
 ^^Hugo got a Captain America bubble blaster souvenir on the last day.^^
^^Maisie delighted in pulling her brother's hair.^^
^^and we were all sad to leave this place.^^

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