Home Depot.

Where we spend time and money - on this occasion, buying shades for the kitchen and Maisie's room, an organizer for the closet. Any normal Saturday: fixing things and building them and cleaning them and organizing them. The keeping of a life.


Charleston before dawn.

I had a quick work trip to Charleston last week. On Friday, I spent 8 hours presenting, so I woke up in the wee hours of the morning for a run to get my blood moving. She's otherworldly at 5:30am - just the whispering of palm fronds to keep me company.


Maisie Austen, 10 months.

Our Maisie girl: all sunshine and hot temper and curiosity. At 10 months (nearly 11!), she is eager for everything - her brother's action figures, new foods, the tiny circular knob next to the toilet seat. She sits decidedly, with one foot out and one tucked behind her. She yells loudly, and has a knack for getting her way. I have loved her since she was the size of a poppy seed. Somehow, she finds new ways to grow my heart, still.


Baby Bishop.

Two of my favorite people are having a baby, and I drove up to Boston at the end of last month to celebrate with them. Six years ago, Heather and Brian got married at this exact same venue, so all of it felt very "circle of life"-like. I've loved being along for the ride. Love you already, Baby B.


Jason Robert Brown.

We met up at Beauty & Essex for dinner: that hideaway behind a pawn shop on the Lower East Side. Spun spaghettini and sipped wine. Walked to SubCulture to see Jason Robert Brown, who did not (could he ever?) disappoint.

We grinned ear-to-ear for two hours. Fifteen springs ago, we drove miles around a Connecticut beach town and fell in love, Someone to Fall Back On and The Next Ten Minutes on CD (CD!). Years later, I sang our babies to sleep with songs from The Last Five Years; so much so that Hugo believes that these songs belong to me. So yeah, this was heaven. Heaven and home.


A snow day.

Last Saturday, we woke to heaps of snow - perfect for snow angels and snowmen and sledding down our (miniature) hill in the front yard. I have such gratitude for these moments. And one day, when we leave this home, I will think of that little snowman in the front yard, how Hugo asked for me to get a carrot for its nose, how very young we were then.