Easter 2019.

We woke to bunny pancakes, egg hunts and a celebration of the ultimate sacrifice, this the most sacred day of our faith. Dressed Hugo in a bow tie and Maisie in the dress I wore (my grandmother made!) on my first Easter. Read the story behind our celebration. Gathered for chocolate and food, in that order.


Maisie turns 1.

Our bold, brave, wonderful Maisie Austen,

It was a blink of a year: you were born, we spent a summer walking to town and building a home, I went back to work and you slept through the night, we took baths and fed you big girl food and tickled your feet. Then yesterday, you turned one. We celebrated over pancakes and roses.

Each day we attempt new ways to satisfy your curiosities. In turn, you keep us wild and bring us light.

You are so loved, sweet girl.



Mt. Rubidoux.

Last week I was out in California for a dietetic conference - 2.5 days of talking about amino acids nonstop (jealous??). The first morning, I stumbled upon Mt. Rubidoux on a run, and had to go back for more. The views were absolutely stunning, and the weather perfect.

What struck me most: on Easter Sunday each year, the community holds a sunrise service at the top of the mountain. They have since 1905. The very thought takes my breath away.


Hugo Henry, 3 years old.

Me: 3 is the best. Can you stay 3? 
Hugo: I can't. 
Me: Why? 
Hugo: I just have to be 4. And then 5. 



We've nearly turned the corner here. Warm enough now (most days) for early morning runs and walks outside, for evening drinks in the courtyard after work. Winter was a blur - Easter is right around the corner, and Hugo has an eye for those giant jelly beans. At three, I'm not sure what could compete.


A first manicure.

On Saturday, I took my niece out for her first manicure. She was so nervous at first, clutching my hand and her "snuggy blankie", but every time I looked over, she flashed the biggest grin. Afterward she told me that she wished we'd gotten the same color, and I felt the same way. With matching middle names, matching nails only feels appropriate.