Japan, Part 1.

I traveled to Japan for work last week - myself, a couple of colleagues and some dietitians and chefs. We were there to talk about amino acids, the role of glutamate in the diet, and how it can be used to improve health outcomes. All peppered with once-in-a-lifetime experiences: 
 ^^food science with pandas.^^
 ^^a few mystery meals (can still only identify about 30% of the foods shown here).^^
 ^^Asakusa, which is the home of a temple built in the 7th century.^^
 ^^runs around the Imperial Palace.^^
 ^^Tsukiji Market, where you can find stalls and stalls of wholesale and (alarmingly) fresh seafood.^^
 ^^a sushi making class. you guys, I made this, and most of it looks presentable.^^
 ^^downtown Tokyo, where we wandered and ate on our first night.^^
^^more from runs around the Palace.^^
 ^^more from Asakusa.^^
 ^^a rickshaw ride with the happiest man on the planet.^^
^^and okonomiyaki (my favorite meal) by boat around Tokyo Bay.^^

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