Martha's Vineyard.

 From the best long weekend away as a family:
^^the "car boat", which Hugo adored.^^
 ^^and we found a dog-friendly hotel, which Gus adored.^^
 ^^Maisie ate some sand.^^
 ^^we fell in love with some adorable homes.^^
 ^^ate lots of waffles and pancakes and French toast.^^
 ^^climbed a lighthouse. realized Hugo is not a fan of heights.^^
 ^^took Gus to the beach. watched him drink and throw up ocean water.^^ 
 ^^got a family selfie (4.75 of us).^^
 ^^and had a very relaxing time, overall (kind of, sort of).^^
 ^^saw the Gay Head Cliffs, which were beautiful.^^
 ^^got a better photo. worried that the kids would hop the fence.^^
 ^^and carried babies down to a beach beneath the cliffs.^^
 ^^snuggled our Maisie extra.^^
 ^^spent lots of time with cousins.^^
 ^^lots of time.^^
 ^^went to Pleasantville, I think?^^
 ^^took the kids to see the boats early in the morning.^^
 ^^got Hugo a beloved souvenir.^^
 ^^my dad drove the kids on the beach in his Land Rover.^^
 ^^and Hugo slept much of the way home.^^

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