Summer concerts.

From Sunday nights in the summer on the Green. Stops at the ice cream truck. Coldplay. CCR. The Temptations. Babies crawling away to make new friends. The last light peeking through the trees.


A farewell.

We said goodbye to some friends this weekend - they're embracing a new job and a new life in North Carolina, and we'll miss having them close for dinner parties and peach picking and trips to the beach. The Taylors brought us food when Maisie was first born and welcomed us into their home like family.

Zach was Hugo's very first close friend beyond his cousins, and his lip trembled a bit when they high fived each other goodbye yesterday. Add this to the list of conversations I dislike having: explaining the way of things.


From the middle of summer.

100+ degrees and birthdays every weekend. pirate towels and thunderstorms and mornings with cousins at the pool. late night walks. turning all the lamps off for a better glimpse of the lightning bugs.


From a weekend.

From a muggy weekend: family gatherings and birthday parties and mornings at the pool. Church and the dinosaur museum afterward. An evening trip to the grocery store. Runs at dawn, before the air grew thick. Weeding in the garden. New books to get lost in and snuggles on the couch.


Celebrating 30 in Denver.

Last week, I flew to Denver to spend a long weekend with my oldest and dearest childhood friends and celebrate our 30th birthdays (all this year!). A few photos, if you'd like to see: 
 ^^we spent a night out in Denver on Rachel's actual birthday.^^
 ^^stopped at Red Rocks, just for the view.^^
 ^^with these people that I love.^^
 ^^visited Breckenridge, where we rode the gondola up.^^
^^and came back down on the alpine slide.^^
^^which was the greatest.^^
^^laughed at lots of things I don't remember now.^^
 ^^traveled Independence Pass to get to Aspen.^^
 ^^saw rainbows! two of them!^^
 ^^and other insanely beautiful things.^^
^^so many beautiful things.^^
 ^^ran a half marathon!^^
^^in gorgeous Aspen.^^
 ^^went for a hike.^^
 ^^ate and wandered this ski town.^^
 ^^got lost in the mountains.^^
 ^^and drove back to Denver.^^
^^on a trip we'll never forget.^^


Sensory Research.

From a few days at UC Davis, conducting sensory research for a client. Runs under mammoth trees, (many) runs to get coffee. The company of great conversationalists and scientists and chefs. Collecting information. Making sense of it.