Celebrating 30 in Denver.

Last week, I flew to Denver to spend a long weekend with my oldest and dearest childhood friends and celebrate our 30th birthdays (all this year!). A few photos, if you'd like to see: 
 ^^we spent a night out in Denver on Rachel's actual birthday.^^
 ^^stopped at Red Rocks, just for the view.^^
 ^^with these people that I love.^^
 ^^visited Breckenridge, where we rode the gondola up.^^
^^and came back down on the alpine slide.^^
^^which was the greatest.^^
^^laughed at lots of things I don't remember now.^^
 ^^traveled Independence Pass to get to Aspen.^^
 ^^saw rainbows! two of them!^^
 ^^and other insanely beautiful things.^^
^^so many beautiful things.^^
 ^^ran a half marathon!^^
^^in gorgeous Aspen.^^
 ^^went for a hike.^^
 ^^ate and wandered this ski town.^^
 ^^got lost in the mountains.^^
 ^^and drove back to Denver.^^
^^on a trip we'll never forget.^^

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