Stowe, Part 1.

A family vacation to Stowe in two parts, because I took way too many photos of this magical place: 
^^we stayed at the Spruce Peak Lodge (formerly Stowe Mountain Lodge).^^
^^had dinner at the lodge on the first night. Blake and the kids picked me up from the airport (after 1 hour of sleep on a red eye from California) and we drove 4 hours from there, so we were all tired.^^
 ^^swam in the pool, which the kids loved.^^
 ^^bathed our water-loving girl in a massive tub.^^
^^took naps by the fire.^^
 ^^made a stop to see how the ice cream is made, as one does.^^
 ^^found some goggles for Hugo, which he fell in love with.^^
 ^^enjoyed some gorgeous runs and hikes.^^
 ^^rented bikes!^^
 ^^and both kids liked it this time!^^
^^and dipped our feet in all of the streams.^^

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