Part 1: London.

From the most wonderful trip away, just the two of us: 
drinks at the airport to kick us off.
 wanders around Westminster and Mayfair. 
brunch at Riding House Cafe
a walk to the Tower of London for a tour.
all with umbrellas, because it rained the whole week (England!). 
a visit to St. Paul's.
 dinner at The Founder's Arms.
 Midsummer Night's Dream at the Globe Theatre, where Blake fell asleep. we'll blame it on the jet lag, because I loved it (and slept the whole flight over ;)).
and a long walk back to our hotel.
morning runs through Hyde Park, because the best way to see a new place is to run it. 
a walk to Buckingham Palace.
 and a visit to the National Gallery.
 tea at Sketch (the best experience!).
Westminster for Evensong (not to be missed).
 a walk to dinner at Dishoom and drinks at Mr. Fogg's.

Next up -- Cotswolds.

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