Part 2: Bath.

I lied. We're going to start in Bath, because I can't narrow down all of my Cotswolds photos. Lucky you! So we took a rental car out of the city (on the left side of the road - yikes), and made our way to Bath, just south of the Cotswolds. 
saw the Roman Baths, as one does. 
 ate at The Pump Room, which was once frequented by the fashionable (still is, if you include us ;)) and spoken of in classic literature (Jane Austen, up in a bit).
 we wandered.
 had people take pictures of us that don't really show where we are.
 and climbed to the top of Bath Abbey, because I'm always up for a good church climb. also, the story of the restoration of their bells is a good one, so definitely do the tour.
 then we went to the Jane Austen Museum, which was frankly a bit underwhelming, but when you name your daughter after a person you go to their museum. You know what I'm saying? Also, I'm sorry you have to see this photo, but it felt necessary.
 then we wandered a bit more before it was time to head to the Manor for bed. 
what a gem, Bath.

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