Part 3: Cotswolds.

 from Bath, we headed to the Cotswolds, which was magical and I will never stop talking about it. we stayed at Calcot & Spa, which comes complete with free bike rentals, umbrellas, wellies, breakfast, sauna, hot tub, footpaths, games by the fireplace, etc., etc. such a family-friendly spot, too!
 from our gorgeous room.
 and the footpaths that circle surrounding fields. 
 where we had glasses of wine and played Scrabble late into the night. 
 on our first full day, we stopped in nearby Tetbury to grab coffee and wander the shops.
so charming.
 then headed to Bourton-on-the-water, which was so lovely, we returned the next day. we ate in the little pub shown above, stopped by the miniature museum and shopped for antiques (antique stores in Britain are the coolest). 
home of the luckiest ducks around.
truly in our element. I feel very at home with the Brits.
 we then made the ill-advised decision to travel to Naunton and walk a footpath we had researched, which was rather more like a mud path and it rained on us much of the time while curious sheep looked on and (probably) chuckled to themselves. 
pretty, though. and gave us a good reason to stop at another pub before heading back to the hotel.
 the next day, we walked from Bourton-on-the-water to Upper and Lower Slaughter, and I was Jane Austen and it was perfect. we all need more footpaths in our lives.
and more beautiful horses to share them with.
we left the Cotswolds so well rested, and completely in love with this place.

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