From Christmas.

 A few from Christmas: baking cookies, waiting for Santa, caroling at my grandparents', veggie trees, meals with family, new traditions, Star Wars pajamas, FaceTime and shipping packages and wishing for larger gatherings next Christmas. 


Quick weekend away.

 From a weekend away. A short trip to warmer weather, fully masked - to celebrate a birthday, to have uninterrupted conversations. 

A snow day.

 From the first snow, and it came down in buckets. The kids were delighted, and to be honest, so were we. The perfect snowball fight snow, snowman show, pull-your-sister-in-a-sled snow. A crisp, clean white. Like starting afresh. 


The Guggenheim.

From a stop in New York for a visit to the Guggenheim, the museum from Hugo’s snow globe. Black and white cookies in the park. A playground stop by the Met. Pizza for lunch and a wander in perfect fall weather.


Thanksgiving 2020.

 It was a smaller gathering this year - just the four of us with my parents, sister, and her family. And in the absence of other loved ones sorely missed, we still give thanks for health, for science, for family. For good food to eat and books to read and legs that can take us running and arms that can lift babies and brains that can solve problems. There is still joy everywhere, when we look for it. 



from a stop at the local turkey farm: Maisie all-too-eager to climb in the turkey pen with the painted birds, Hugo feeding them grass, both of them begging us to stay a few minutes longer. new traditions to be grateful for, in spite of it all. 


From Veterans Day.

 From a celebration of veterans at Hugo's school - three in our family, and we are so, so thankful for the country that they have fostered for us. What an example of discipline and sacrifice they have set. 


Brooklyn half marathon.

from a weekend in the city: our fastest half marathon yet (1:55!). stops for cappuccino. dinner below the glittering 1 World Trade. walks up the Hudson. the Village, for tattoos. 

these are my people, through and through. and where would I be without them? 


Halloween 2020.

 Looked a little different than it has in past years (no stop at the Green or Trunk-or-Treat), but we made the most of it. And where would we be without Jillian's hand-me-down family costumes? May we always benefit from your Halloween preparedness, J.


Family photos.

 From a couple of weeks back. In need of haircuts, patched knees, shoes on the right feet. But here we are! The year 2020, and still all smiles. 


Hiking season.

Weekends in the woods, mostly. Maisie in the "packpack", Hugo climbing every rock there is to climb. 


A few days at the office.

 A welcome change -- a few days in the office for some late night meetings, for a dinner with Blake, for runs along the West Side Highway. I missed it so. 


Weekend walks.

Long and leisurely. Equipped with snacks and water bottles and occasionally a glass of wine to split between the two of us. Low 60s, hum of crickets and smells of season's end barbecues. One of us confessing how contended we are to be alive in that moment - the other confessing they were about to say the same. 



 It's been a long few weeks with work - several 15 hour days, some big deliverables. But look at us! Healthy, together, doing the best we can. These are things to hang your hat on.


Pizza at the beach.

 From a Friday night after a long week: pizza with the seagulls, swings at the playground, sun setting over the Atlantic.


Saturday morning.

New routine: *long run, *soccer practice for Hugo (flailing around in grass for Maisie), *donuts on the green. 

Repeat each week. 


A finished basement.

At long last, the finishing touches on our basement are complete! We had a stonemason overlay stones on the basement foundation last month, and it turned out beautifully. And with that, we're slowly running out of home projects around here (thank goodness :)). 


Wyoming, Part 2.

 We hiked up the Grand Tetons to Amphitheater Lake, which was one of the most stunning places I've ever been. Went for a swim in the freezing glacial water. Ran the six miles down. Went to a rodeo and a chuckwagon dinner where we danced into the night. Took a side-by-side nearly all the way to Idaho, returned caked in dirt and brambles.