Embracing the greys and the 5:30 wakeup calls. The late nights in the office and the mediocre cups of coffee. Listening to The Daily during morning workouts and Veggie Tales with the kids during breakfast. Reading The Power of Habit. Catching up with friends via Marco Polo. Feeling antsy with the state of the world, and still thankful in all of it.


Reading and writing.

From the month he started to read and write - a door opening to language and him sprinting through it. Four years old and a lover of words. Everything I had hoped for.


Axe throwing.

From the best date night: pasta and axe throwing. As someone who excels when underestimated, guess how good I was at this??


A December baby shower.

From a small celebration for my big sister's little boy, due in February. 

We can't wait to meet you, baby, and thanks for keeping the cousin gender ratio equal. This is the kind of appreciation for detail that will serve you well in this family. 



The kids have been asking to bounce in the basement every evening. We've been working hard: Blake busy with investor meetings, me with two new accounts at work. We've been planning family trips this year: to Croatia for a wedding, Mexico for a project I'm passionate about, Martha's Vineyard for a beach weekend. I've been reading a new book on habit formation and willing myself out of bed in the cold, early hours for a run (hardest this time of year). Blake has been playing basketball on Tuesday nights and (still, always) carving out time for UConn games. I've been taking a good look at the kids: four years and one year old, still excited for things like pizza picnic and treasure hunts.


Ringing in the New Year.

...with a little boy who insisted on wearing a bow tie to the party, and was 100% prepared for the countdown. I'm a very big fan of him.


From 2019.

The highlights:
In January:
Hugo ran his first race outside of a stroller. Blake went to a work conference in California. I began some research work outside of San Francisco. We all braved the cold temperatures.
In February:
We went to Disney World with my family and began work on our basement renovation. I celebrated 7 years at Edelman. We had our annual Valentine's Day celebration. I drove up to Boston for a baby shower.
 In March:
We played in the snow and took the kids bowling. Blake and I went to see Jason Robert Brown in the city. I traveled to Charleston for work. We continued house projects and I took my niece to her first manicure.
In April:
We celebrated Maisie's first birthday and were visited by my friend Michelle. I flew out to California for their state dietetic meeting. We had a quiet Easter at home with family. Hugo had his first art show. I began training for another half marathon.
In May:
We celebrated Hugo's fourth birthday. I traveled to Japan and San Francisco for work. We watched the Kentucky Derby with friends. Hugo and I spent a Saturday volunteering at a women's shelter. We saw the town Memorial Day parade.
In June:
I turned 30, we celebrated 9 years of marriage, and we went to see Hamilton in the city. Poor Maisie had a trip to the ER (and was fine!). Blake had his 10 year college reunion in Providence. Hugo had his last day of school and we took a family trip to Martha's Vineyard. I made a trip to New Orleans for a conference.
In July:
I was back in California for work, then made a trip to Colorado to run a half marathon in celebration of my, Rachel's and Jessi's 30th birthdays. Hugo rode with my parents in the 4th of July parade. We drove up to Boston to meet a friend's new baby. We celebrated Gus's 8th birthday and had a farewell party for friends at the beach.
In August:
We celebrated Blake's 32nd birthday. We made a trip to Stowe, VT as a family. Hugo and I ran in a race benefiting the Children's Rescue Mission in Honduras. I traveled to California for work meetings and met up with some friends in LA. Maisie and I went to a baby shower.
In September:
Blake and I made a trip to London and the Cotswolds. I had a trip to Arizona for a work conference. Maisie started walking. Hugo started PreK at a new school and soccer with the town league. We went to the town fair and I threw a baby shower for my friend Rachel.
In October:
We visited the pumpkin patch and dressed up as Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and Tinker Bell for Halloween. Blake made a trip to Florida for work. I traveled to Philly for a conference. We moved my office downstairs and Maisie (finally) got a crib. Blake and I went to see Noah Gundersen in Brooklyn.
In November:
We went hiking and had birthday parties for Hugo's stuffed animals. I visited the Museum of Food & Drink with work and traveled to Chicago for meetings. Blake and I went out to dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the day we got engaged. We traveled down to DC for Thanksgiving with family and Hugo and I ran a 5K.
In December:
We made a trip to Disney World, where Maisie was excited to meet Mickey and "Googy". Went to the town Christmas tree lighting and celebrated the season at parties with friends and colleagues. Spent a Saturday in NYC - brunch and meeting Santa at the Plaza. Finished the basement renovation and surprised the kids with a clubhouse.

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