A benefit dinner.

From last night, during which Sarabeth Levine (in the flesh!) assembled and handed me the most amazing chocolate mousse. From presentations by Marcus Samuelsson and Tim Zagat to spicy hard boiled eggs and vegetarian lasagnas and red celery juices for the enjoying. All in support of culinary scholarships and big opportunities in food.


Torn ACL.

Our poor pup tore his ACL this week. It's been happening slowly over the course of several months, but only within the last day has become painfully debilitating to him (likely became a full tear). Blake and I took him to the vet yesterday, and we've decided to treat it first with pain meds before exploring surgery - which comes with its own risks. It brings us back to this, which doesn't feel like it could be eight years ago.

And I'm not sure what else to say other than that these dogs will fill your heart and break it and make you do crazy, expensive things. We love him so.

Valentine's Day.

His first time writing his own Valentine's Day cards. Her pigtails and love of strawberries and Toy Story jammies (never wants to take them off). A flower delivery at the office. Our fifth annual Valentine's Day brunch at home.

Can't help but love this holiday.


Baby Jack.

We gained a new nephew this past week: James Amadeus Huberty, who goes by Jack. If you ask Hugo, he will tell you he named Jack long ago - his imaginary friend brought to life.


Visiting Baby Ernie.

From the weekend I flew to Denver to meet Rachel's new baby - a 7 week old Ernie, who is just as sweet as can be. We spent hours making meals, went on walks through the snow, took Rach's first postpartum spin class.

There's something really special about seeing your oldest friend become a mom. She's someone who has cared for my own heart through all of the joys and upsets of life to date, and this is a role she was destined for. To have a mother who is patient, strong, kind, full of life and adventure - an enormous stroke of luck.


A weekend in January.

a race in support of local refugee support programs.
a date at a new favorite Indian spot.
 a new home for our books. 
New Haven Symphony Orchestra's children's concert.
and some time with my favorite astronaut.