Quarantine, 2.

From the days we spent together, mostly. Isolated from the rest of the world. Escaping for fresh air and a bag of groceries. Filled our days with work and tidying and calling distant friends. Keenly aware of what we were going without, even more so of what remained.


From quarantine.

A wedding ceremony in our living room with Hugo the officiant, Maisie the bridesmaid and Gus the groomsman. Fake flowers for bouquets and a banana bread cake. A tea set for the reception. Vows forgotten by the officiant. A dance to "The Book of Love" - from our first dance nearly 10 years ago. Rivaled the real thing, in fact.


Working from home.

First time we had both kids home during the COVID-19 quarantine, and they won this one. 


A promotion.

To VP. In the midst of lots of craziness around COVID-19 (which is not to be taken lightly), some good news over here. 


Maisie Austen, nearly 2.

Maisie Austen, nearly 2. Not so much a baby anymore. Loves playing with "Beep Beep" (her toy car) in the basement, pretending she's off to work. Listens to the Moana soundtrack on repeat. Eats blueberries and popcorn and chocolate chips any time of the day. Sweetest in the morning, bleary eyed. All I had imagined when the doctor said, "girl".

Hands Offering Hope.

For International Women's Day, we went to a cocktail party supporting Hands Offering Hope - an organization that empowers and equips young people in Mexico to become leaders. The fundraiser was specifically for their Women's Collective, which focuses on young women who are overcoming incredible odds to evolve their communities. My college roommate is now their Director of Development, and hearing her talk about these women absolutely inspired me - we're headed down to Mexico this summer to support the work further, and cannot wait.


Sunday mornings.

The ones we'll talk about when we're old and grey. The noisy ones that start at 6am, become a mess of spilled coffee and tiny feet and stuffed animals in the bed. The gold in a string of ordinary days.