Quarantine homeschool.

Going on 6 weeks of this, and so far the kids have learned that their mom is a really terrible artist BUT that she can magically make pennies float. So that's something.


Long work days.

Dotted with the best of interruptions: an afternoon snack of cheddar bunnies, a walk to see the ducks, feeding ants in the driveway, a four-year-old holding a bouquet of weeds at the doorway.


Maisie turns 2.

Our baby girl turned 2 on Wednesday. She has been a ray of light since we first discovered that she was on the way. A force to be reckoned with. A lover of Minnie Mouse and her brother's cars in equal measure. A dancer, analyst, artist, adventure-seeker. She is everything we'd dreamed of and more.

Happy birthday, Maisie Austen. We love you more than you can imagine.


Quarantine, week 5.

Thankful for: 
*our health, and the health of so many we love.
*brave people who keep the world moving forward.
*family dinners.
*a little boy who loves to sing to his sister. a little girl who asks for "Bubby" at bedtime.
*our jobs, and the opportunities that they give us. 
*cool air. endorphins. the feeling of running from something.
*a home to come back to.


Easter 2020.

 From one of the strangest, happiest Easters on record for us: two delighted babies, three Easter egg hunts, one home church service, lots of people we are lucky to love enough to miss.


Spring came anyway.

And with it, evening walks. Rains, and babies watching them through the window. Early pink sunrises. The smell of backyard barbecues and mounds of mulch. Crickets and birds, recalling last year's song.


Beach babies.

I'd be lying if I said we weren't going a little stir crazy around here. Things that help: 
*sunshine, and walks at the beach
*training for a half marathon (that probably won't happen) 
*regular phone dates with friends and family
*taking care of others
*work, every chance we get
*making plans for months ahead 
*made up celebrations 
*counting blessings