Date nights these days.

Would be better in Paris or on a beach somewhere sunny and warm. Wouldn't change the company for the world.


Memorial Day.

No parades or fireworks, but we are grateful for the quieter celebrations and simpler freedoms, too. Freedoms to see those closest to us, to speak on the phone, to own a piece of property, to study science and speak for what we believe.


Outdoor space.

Revamped our back deck and it feels like a vacation in that it is outside of the house that we have been spending the vast majority of our time in over the last 2 months. By the end of quarantine, we will have completed all of our house projects. It's weekend therapy.


Hugo turns 5.

Hugo Henry,

You turned 5 last week, an occasion that was well celebrated over dinosaur cakes and outdoor barbecues. You counted down the days, the hours, the minutes. I was sad to see them go - you (now, suddenly) a boy, capable of understanding and expectations and heartbreak.

One day we'll talk about this time, in the midst of COVID-19, as a slowing down. It will be a breath note. A difficult one, it seems, in which lots of people are having a very hard time. Here we are squeaking out some life in spite of it, learning together.

This is a Norwegian quote I've come to love: "It will be wonderful, or it will pass."
And something else I've found: Some things will become wonderful only when they do pass.

One day we'll talk about this time, and I'll tell you about how I watched you sleep on your last day of being four, and wished the world for you. A world of travel and holding people close and truth and freedom. And a home to return to, also. Quieter days. Joy in small things. There is wonder in that.

I love you a great deal, little boy. There is so much we have to learn.

Your mama


Mother's Day.

The work and joy of mothering. I can still hardly believe they're mine. 


Basement Remodel.

A nearly-finished and already-messy basement remodel - increasing our living space by nearly double. One of our favorite investments to date.