Hugo turns 5.

Hugo Henry,

You turned 5 last week, an occasion that was well celebrated over dinosaur cakes and outdoor barbecues. You counted down the days, the hours, the minutes. I was sad to see them go - you (now, suddenly) a boy, capable of understanding and expectations and heartbreak.

One day we'll talk about this time, in the midst of COVID-19, as a slowing down. It will be a breath note. A difficult one, it seems, in which lots of people are having a very hard time. Here we are squeaking out some life in spite of it, learning together.

This is a Norwegian quote I've come to love: "It will be wonderful, or it will pass."
And something else I've found: Some things will become wonderful only when they do pass.

One day we'll talk about this time, and I'll tell you about how I watched you sleep on your last day of being four, and wished the world for you. A world of travel and holding people close and truth and freedom. And a home to return to, also. Quieter days. Joy in small things. There is wonder in that.

I love you a great deal, little boy. There is so much we have to learn.

Your mama

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