10 years.

Dear Blake,

We had plans for Paris. Walks along the Seine as the sun was setting. A small vow renewal, just us two. Champagne and cheese and chocolates. COVID had other plans, and this is the stuff of life, it seems.

In 10 years, we've brought two babies into the world. Slept through the night with a snoring bulldog next to us. Traveled across the world and back. Bought a home. Made it our own. Filled it with life. Built a career and a company and fought for them to grow. Fought for, ran for, spoke for justice. Made up our minds to fight for each other.

It feels like defying the odds, this continuation of young love. It isn't really. This is a kind of love that's older than we'll ever be.

Here's to 10 more. It'll go faster than we think. What an adventure.


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