heat so thick you can taste it. mosquitoes nipping at ankles and sweaty kids letting the cold air out of the house. looking not too far ahead and many months behind. wondering at when things will be whole again. still: the sticky-sweet sign of summer, chocolate melting in the corners of a two-year-old's mouth, a small boy sure that he can toast the perfect 'mallow and not get burnt.


Hugo reads.

From the week that Hugo started to read whole books. I'll never forget the look on his face when he read "The End." 


Evening at the beach.

with our Maisie. a little more than two years, full of life and sass. how quiet this world seemed without her. how devoid of some important thing. 


Bits of summer.

 ^^loads of LEGOs^^
 ^^ice cream truck visits^^
 ^^model T rides^^
 ^^picnics and pizza nights^^
^^cousins, totally unaware of how lucky they are to grow up together^^


4th of July.

from this year's Fourth of July. the first without a parade, town fireworks, a visit to the beach. still one of the best yet.


Martha's Vineyard.

From a family trip to Martha's Vineyard, which is becoming an annual summer thing:
^^our very own dock and small beach for the kids to play at.^^
^^twin cousins.^^
^^a stop at the alpaca farm (kids were over the moon. some adults were, too.)^^
^^and the perfect (albeit, likely haunted) home for us to stay at and explore.^^
^^visits to Gigi and Pop's campsite.^^
^^to Edgartown, too.^^
^^morning walks by the marina in quarantine garb.^^
 ^^a dog who came, too.^^
^^gorgeous views from our bedroom.^^
 ^^bubbles and sand and crab hunting.^^
^^slow afternoons with a book.^^
^^and some really good family bonding.^^