Bedtime stories.

a favorite evening pastime: chapter books in bed. last month we journeyed to Neverland, this month Hogwarts. we cuddle close under blankets, do all the voices, sometimes pause at a beautiful line. 

this one of note: "I suppose it's like the ticking crockodile, isn't it? Time is chasing after all of us."


Stowe 2020.

from a return to Stowe -- mornings at the pool and in the mountains, bike rides by the river, a hike to the top of Mount Mansfield, evenings of live music. a favorite tradition. 


Blake: 33.


33 years old, and where would I be without him? A human encyclopedia, champion of dreamers, incapable of deceit. I love him so. Happy birthday, B.


A weekend.

from a weekend in August:
a Friday night with cousins.
a Sunday morning by the sea, in the rain. 
a return to church (sans nursery, which proved a challenge), and how we've missed it.
a dinner with Blake's brother, visiting for the week. 
a farewell to a friend, moving on to change the world with her PhD. 
an exterior wall renovation (at last). 
outdoor projects and runs in glorious fall-like weather. 
more normalcy - with masks, with distancing, with hand washing - and I will take forward movement in any form.


From New Haven.

 we've both been working in Blake's (very quiet) office in New Haven lately, and what a breath of fresh air it has been. to be working outside of the house - imagine! what a world we now live in. still one that occasionally allows a post-work date, it seems, and I can abide with that. 


A dress.

my wedding dress: missing for a decade, found by my parents in a strange turn of events. it was an occasion that called for "The Book of Love" - danced to in the bedroom with the kids jumping around us. look at what ten years has brought us.