Pizza at the beach.

 From a Friday night after a long week: pizza with the seagulls, swings at the playground, sun setting over the Atlantic.


Saturday morning.

New routine: *long run, *soccer practice for Hugo (flailing around in grass for Maisie), *donuts on the green. 

Repeat each week. 


A finished basement.

At long last, the finishing touches on our basement are complete! We had a stonemason overlay stones on the basement foundation last month, and it turned out beautifully. And with that, we're slowly running out of home projects around here (thank goodness :)). 


Wyoming, Part 2.

 We hiked up the Grand Tetons to Amphitheater Lake, which was one of the most stunning places I've ever been. Went for a swim in the freezing glacial water. Ran the six miles down. Went to a rodeo and a chuckwagon dinner where we danced into the night. Took a side-by-side nearly all the way to Idaho, returned caked in dirt and brambles. 


Wyoming, Part 1.

From a bachelorette trip out west, the weekend that our girl intended to get married before COVID struck. We made the most of it - stayed in a A-frame at the entrance to Yellowstone, went for a freezing dip in Yellowstone Lake one evening, wandered the wilderness with our bear spray, shared a chocolate cake and watched the geysers bubble. These friendships are a rarity. I love them so.  


First day of school.

First days for Hugo and Maisie this week, and both (plus Minnie, who joined every bit of the day) were big fans. Hugo has homework for the first time (he's loving it) and Maisie is super proud of her Moana nap mat. For now, the simple things that feel big to them.