Family photos.

 From a couple of weeks back. In need of haircuts, patched knees, shoes on the right feet. But here we are! The year 2020, and still all smiles. 


Hiking season.

Weekends in the woods, mostly. Maisie in the "packpack", Hugo climbing every rock there is to climb. 


A few days at the office.

 A welcome change -- a few days in the office for some late night meetings, for a dinner with Blake, for runs along the West Side Highway. I missed it so. 


Weekend walks.

Long and leisurely. Equipped with snacks and water bottles and occasionally a glass of wine to split between the two of us. Low 60s, hum of crickets and smells of season's end barbecues. One of us confessing how contended we are to be alive in that moment - the other confessing they were about to say the same. 



 It's been a long few weeks with work - several 15 hour days, some big deliverables. But look at us! Healthy, together, doing the best we can. These are things to hang your hat on.