Thanksgiving 2020.

 It was a smaller gathering this year - just the four of us with my parents, sister, and her family. And in the absence of other loved ones sorely missed, we still give thanks for health, for science, for family. For good food to eat and books to read and legs that can take us running and arms that can lift babies and brains that can solve problems. There is still joy everywhere, when we look for it. 



from a stop at the local turkey farm: Maisie all-too-eager to climb in the turkey pen with the painted birds, Hugo feeding them grass, both of them begging us to stay a few minutes longer. new traditions to be grateful for, in spite of it all. 


From Veterans Day.

 From a celebration of veterans at Hugo's school - three in our family, and we are so, so thankful for the country that they have fostered for us. What an example of discipline and sacrifice they have set. 


Brooklyn half marathon.

from a weekend in the city: our fastest half marathon yet (1:55!). stops for cappuccino. dinner below the glittering 1 World Trade. walks up the Hudson. the Village, for tattoos. 

these are my people, through and through. and where would I be without them? 


Halloween 2020.

 Looked a little different than it has in past years (no stop at the Green or Trunk-or-Treat), but we made the most of it. And where would we be without Jillian's hand-me-down family costumes? May we always benefit from your Halloween preparedness, J.