From Christmas.

 A few from Christmas: baking cookies, waiting for Santa, caroling at my grandparents', veggie trees, meals with family, new traditions, Star Wars pajamas, FaceTime and shipping packages and wishing for larger gatherings next Christmas. 


Quick weekend away.

 From a weekend away. A short trip to warmer weather, fully masked - to celebrate a birthday, to have uninterrupted conversations. 

A snow day.

 From the first snow, and it came down in buckets. The kids were delighted, and to be honest, so were we. The perfect snowball fight snow, snowman show, pull-your-sister-in-a-sled snow. A crisp, clean white. Like starting afresh. 


The Guggenheim.

From a stop in New York for a visit to the Guggenheim, the museum from Hugo’s snow globe. Black and white cookies in the park. A playground stop by the Met. Pizza for lunch and a wander in perfect fall weather.