A wedding in Croatia.

 From one of my best friends' weddings in Croatia. I can't even believe how stunningly perfect this wedding was, and we are so thrilled for Jessi and Vee.

Excerpt from our wedding toast (the whole thing included a poem and a Legolas wig, and was read by me and Rachel/Loo)Vee, you don’t need us to tell you that to marry Jessi means a life of adventure, a life of optimism, a life with a lot of gardening and a lot of exercise and a lot of upcycling projects. You don’t need us to tell you that the adventure of life is simply better with Jessi by your side. And there’s no one better to run a half marathon with; when she’s not entirely distracted by beautiful scenery, she will be cheering you on the whole way (while hardly breaking a sweat). She is an extraordinary teammate. And we would know – she’s been on our team for the last 20+  years.

Jessi, we can confidently say that Tricia will never hold a candle to you in our hearts. We are so thankful that you chose us all those years ago, and so thankful that you chose Vee, too. You’re a good team. I’m so glad we all get to grow old together.



 What have we been up to? Mostly, a lot of this:
But when we're not working / in school / traveling for work, it's:
^^enjoying being so close to the green, to restaurants, to neighbors we hang out with often. this is Maisie walking her baby to dinner with us.^^
^^taking a few moments of rest during PTO.^^
^^making cinnamon rolls and soup and flinging the doors open at every opportunity.^^
^^driving and riding bikes to the beach as a family. hunting for sea glass.^^
^^running in the morning to preserve sanity.^^
^^taking the kids on Friday morning dates.^^
^^swimming in the pool (Hugo learned how to swim this summer!).^^


Yale, first semester.

 From the near-end of a first semester at Yale. I can't say I'd recommend the schedule or the mental tax, but what a dream to learn from the best, to chart a path, to have the support needed to make it work. And the views aren't bad, either. 



From a long weekend, just us two while the kids were at "cousin camp". 


Gus turns 10.

Gus turned 10 this month! After the surgery last year that saved his life, we've been thankful for every single day we've gotten with him. We really hit the jackpot when we pulled up to an Amish farm in Pennsylvania so many moons ago. You're the best dog on the planet, Gusington Churchill. 


Maisie's first recital.

 From Maisie's first dance recital. She held hands with her cousin Eliza while walking on and off stage. Got to wear and flower crown and received multiple bouquets of flowers. She was beyond proud and so were her parents, nearly tearing up in the audience. 

The Fourth 2021.

 From the Fourth: parade with the kids riding in the Model T. a flag cake, same as always. picnics and concerts on the green. catching fireflies in the backyard and seeing the fireworks from the roof of the van. for love of this great experiment of a country, love of summer, love of our people, love of the scrap of land we get to call our own. 


Stowe 2021.

 From our third annual trip to Stowe, VT:
a visit to Lake Champlain.
and Shelburne Farms.
dinner at the Von Trapp Brewing.
and a massage in honor of our anniversary.
a hike to the top (or nearly) of Mount Mansfield.
and bike rentals - Hugo was big enough for the tagalong, and it made his entire trip.
bathing in mountain creeks.
and staying at Spruce Peak.
and lots of time in the pool.



I turned 32 over the weekend, surrounded by family and friends who came in from out of state (mostly for Jessi's bridal shower, but I benefitted). I'm becoming close with the thought of growing older, of gaining grey hairs, of seeing laugh lines, of forgetting little things that happened not so long ago. It is a full life that crowds your mind too much to remember, that paints your hair a different shade. Who am I to fight it? And what luck to move through life with people we love. 


NYC coming back.

This week was my first time back in the city in several months, and what a relief: this city is coming back. I have missed it so much - the energy, the movement of people and smells of Central Park in spring, the access to good food, the comfort in seeing old friends. It was like stepping into my old self again after a year and half, and finding the clothes still fit.