From the last weekend in February.

from the last of the month: ballet and play dates with cousins. an Indian food date. trips to the post office, the grocery store, the car wash, the shoe store. visits with family. a big pot of chili on the stove. long walks and runs around town. church on Sunday. plans for the new house. plans for a new and purposeful project. small things that make up our lives, here and now. 



Another life update! I'm headed back to school beginning this summer, this time for a Masters in Public Health (MPH) with a specialty in epidemiology. 

Questions answered: 

1. Why MPH? Why now? 
I've wanted to go back for my MPH since studying nutrition science at Tufts (more than 6 years ago!). Now that the kids are no longer newborns, it was time. There is such a need for communications skill in the field of public health, and for public health expertise in communicating on nutrition topics. The two go hand-in-hand, which is why I'll be staying at Edelman for the foreseeable future. We work with many public health orgs and other major decision-makers / impact-drivers in the field. 

2. Where are you going? 
Yale! Their faculty, access to research / research facilities, track focus in epidemiology, and program flexibility (this program is tailored to the schedules of working professionals) made the decision for me. 

3. How does this work with your schedule? 
I'll be doing the program part time while working full time, because I'm not willing to pause my career at Edelman... and houses cost money ;) 

4. Why are you moving at the same time? 
Gooood question. When Blake and I talked about me going back to school, we decided it would be best to try to make the move before the program began so that we didn't need to navigate during. 

5. When will you be going? 
Program starts in June 2021 and runs through June 2023. Yay! 


Snow days.

We've had snow every other day for a week now - piles and piles of it, a blanket of whipped cream that never seems to melt. The kids don't complain - they get days off from school and opportunities to pull the sled around the front yard and hot chocolate when they come back inside. After a mild winter last year, it seems we were due.


We're moving!

Last month we made the decision to list our house, assuming we'd have a bit of time before it sold. We ended up getting a first offer on the house the very same day it was listed, and were under contract within the week. It's been a whirlwind of a process, and some of us (ahem) have had to slowly come to terms with the fact that we'll be saying goodbye to the first home we've owned and have put a great deal of time and money into. This place has loved us really well. 

But! We're so ready for more space, and we're already under contract on a dream home that we hope to move into in late April / early May. Same wonderful town, closer to the green. So much more to come as things take shape. A new adventure!