First weekend in the pool.


From the first weekend warm enough (kind of) to enjoy the new pool. The kids were delighted. And while the freezing cold water didn't deter Hugo one bit, Maisie was mostly just hanging around for the snacks. 


Hugo turns 6.

Hugo turned six last week: an event we celebrated with a long-overdue Bounce Place party (was canceled due to COVID last year) and a small backyard family gathering. I am so proud of the human that he is - kind, thoughtful, focused, so mentally alive that he'll often get lost up there. Getting to know Hugo Henry is one of my truest joys. It's a miracle that I get to be his mom. 


Mother's Day.

Mother's Day, 2021. I am endlessly grateful to be their mom, to be supported and inspired by a network of other mothers and mother figures, to be mothered by a woman who loves us well, to be part of a company that understands the importance of systems that bolster working parents, to be married to an equal partner who knows and loves the hard work of parenthood.


New home!

 We moved to our new home over the weekend, and we are SO happy to finally be here. We've been enjoying walks to town, afternoons in the backyard and the view from our dining room table every night. This home - with all of its quirks and character - is a dream for us, and we're excited to add another chapter to its long history. Much, much more to come.