Stowe 2021.

 From our third annual trip to Stowe, VT:
a visit to Lake Champlain.
and Shelburne Farms.
dinner at the Von Trapp Brewing.
and a massage in honor of our anniversary.
a hike to the top (or nearly) of Mount Mansfield.
and bike rentals - Hugo was big enough for the tagalong, and it made his entire trip.
bathing in mountain creeks.
and staying at Spruce Peak.
and lots of time in the pool.



I turned 32 over the weekend, surrounded by family and friends who came in from out of state (mostly for Jessi's bridal shower, but I benefitted). I'm becoming close with the thought of growing older, of gaining grey hairs, of seeing laugh lines, of forgetting little things that happened not so long ago. It is a full life that crowds your mind too much to remember, that paints your hair a different shade. Who am I to fight it? And what luck to move through life with people we love. 


NYC coming back.

This week was my first time back in the city in several months, and what a relief: this city is coming back. I have missed it so much - the energy, the movement of people and smells of Central Park in spring, the access to good food, the comfort in seeing old friends. It was like stepping into my old self again after a year and half, and finding the clothes still fit. 



 from Friday nights at the pizza place down the street:
and the blooming of peonies:
watermelon on the patio:
hand holding at the beach:
and days in the pool:


Family orchestra.

 We moved the piano from Blake's parents' home to ours (it was a gift from when he was in high school), and having a music room has been the absolute best thing. We'll play together sometimes - the violin (I'm rusty) and the piano - and the kids will join in. Everything I hoped of a family orchestra / band, and you can hear the music from the street.