From a long weekend, just us two while the kids were at "cousin camp". 


Gus turns 10.

Gus turned 10 this month! After the surgery last year that saved his life, we've been thankful for every single day we've gotten with him. We really hit the jackpot when we pulled up to an Amish farm in Pennsylvania so many moons ago. You're the best dog on the planet, Gusington Churchill. 


Maisie's first recital.

 From Maisie's first dance recital. She held hands with her cousin Eliza while walking on and off stage. Got to wear and flower crown and received multiple bouquets of flowers. She was beyond proud and so were her parents, nearly tearing up in the audience. 

The Fourth 2021.

 From the Fourth: parade with the kids riding in the Model T. a flag cake, same as always. picnics and concerts on the green. catching fireflies in the backyard and seeing the fireworks from the roof of the van. for love of this great experiment of a country, love of summer, love of our people, love of the scrap of land we get to call our own.