A wedding in Croatia.

 From one of my best friends' weddings in Croatia. I can't even believe how stunningly perfect this wedding was, and we are so thrilled for Jessi and Vee.

Excerpt from our wedding toast (the whole thing included a poem and a Legolas wig, and was read by me and Rachel/Loo)Vee, you don’t need us to tell you that to marry Jessi means a life of adventure, a life of optimism, a life with a lot of gardening and a lot of exercise and a lot of upcycling projects. You don’t need us to tell you that the adventure of life is simply better with Jessi by your side. And there’s no one better to run a half marathon with; when she’s not entirely distracted by beautiful scenery, she will be cheering you on the whole way (while hardly breaking a sweat). She is an extraordinary teammate. And we would know – she’s been on our team for the last 20+  years.

Jessi, we can confidently say that Tricia will never hold a candle to you in our hearts. We are so thankful that you chose us all those years ago, and so thankful that you chose Vee, too. You’re a good team. I’m so glad we all get to grow old together.

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