About the Walkers

We are the Walkers, and we like each other a lot. 

Though we started dating in high school, we like to tell people that we met for the first time when we were 4 and 6 (it's true!), mostly because it really knocks their socks off. Blake and I got married when I was still in college, lived on the North Shore in Massachusetts for a year, then moved to New York City to chase dreams. We're currently settled on the shoreline in Connecticut, a little bit closer to our families.

He founded a healthcare start-up, I'm in food and nutrition PR at a global agency in NYC, Hugo Henry is our vehicle-loving four-year-old, and Maisie Austen is our unstoppable one-year-old. We also have a bulldog pup, Gusington Churchill, who sleeps most of the day.

We like trying restaurants with funny names, making our dog talk and pretending we have everything figured out. We also like making new friends, so stay a while!

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